Malvika Bhatia

Archive Director

Malvika has a BA in History from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai, and an MA in Heritage Education and Interpretation from Newcastle University, UK. She spent the initial part of her career working in museum and heritage education, as well as creating audio guides for neighbourhoods and monuments across the world. Malvika believes History is best taught through storytelling, and hopes to do just that through CAI.

Harlynn Homan

Oral Historian-Archivist

Harlynn Homan completed her BA from Sophia College, Mumbai and is currently pursuing her MA in History from the University of Mumbai. She has previously interned at Cipla Archives and also gave guided tours for the ‘Open Codes Exhibition’ at the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai. She believes memories are footprints of a person that should be captured before they fade away, and she hopes to achieve this through CAI.

Antara Shankar

Media Editor

Antara Shankar studied Film at Mount Holyoke College, USA. She has worked primarily in the production and criticism of narrative fiction. Working with CAI is her first time dealing with non-fiction storytelling, and it has allowed her to discover the value of building history as a narrative through collaboration with people who share their own personal experiences.

Rohan Parikh


Rohan is the Managing Director of the Apurva Natvar Parikh Group. He founded CAI as one of the company’s CSR initiatives. Losing his last grandparent a few months before the birth of his first child inspired him to start CAI. He wanted to ensure that the story of the birth of India would survive over generations.



Past Perfect Heritage Management is an archiving and research agency based out of Mumbai. It works with CAI from time to time to provide back-end archival support and curatorial services.