The night of 9th August 1942 is still alive in Mr. Chaturvedi’s eyes. He remembers seeing the Indian tricolour being hoisted amidst clouds of smoke, gunshots, and cries of ‘Vande Mataram!’

Within a few precious years, many such stories will be lost to us forever.

Our Vision:

As India celebrates its 70th birthday, its population grows both larger and younger. At the same time, we are losing India’s first citizens everyday. For decades, Oral History has been considered an important supplement for written sources by historians the world over. Our vision is to use oral history and material memory to save our country’s cultural legacy. Oral tradition and learning form an integral part of India’s heritage. We wish to preserve the link between generations of Indians and build the country’s story through its best storytellers – its people.

Our Aims:

  • To record and archive the personal stories of Indian citizens who have witnessed India develop into the nation we see today.
  • To create a publicly accessible archive for scholars, students, and ordinary citizens who wish to listen to and learn from these stories.
  • To develop educational and outreach programmes using these narratives to build dialogue and foster mutual understanding about the nation’s past, present, and future.
About Us