Nominate A Citizen

CAI interviews people about significant events in their lives from the pre-1947 era until the present day, to preserve a link for future generations. If you know someone born before 1947, who has witnessed the Freedom Movement and/or subsequent events, please nominate them for our project by doing the following:

Talk to them about the project and explain to them why we want to learn about their story.

Email us at with the name and contact information of the nominee or their relative/caregiver. Any information about the nominee, such as their age and why you are nominating them is much appreciated.

Access The Archive

We are currently building this archive with the aim to make its content publicly accessible. Watch this space or email us at for more information.

Work With Us

Get in touch with us by writing to if you are a photographer; or are interested in history, journalism, or film-editing; or are simply looking for a way to get involved with your country and community.

Current openings: